Who We Are!

There are five of us lalaladies at Swish & Dish – each of us are engaged in the creation of food as much as its devouring methods! Swish & Dish was born after many years of book clubs that resulted in more food talk and eating, then in literary analysis.

Here’s how Swish & Dish works: five of us = five different hosts and five different perspectives on our food adventures (give or take a guest appearance or two – Katherine, this means you!). Before each cooking adventure, the host draws a theme from our magic pot or spins the globe on on of our magic iPhones, to determine our next cooking challenge. After the successes and trials of the special theme or locations food-y creations, each host will write up the Swish & Dish! As our club can’t meet weekly, to keep you entertained, Dear Reader, we will also feature mini-Swish & Dish’s about any other delicious discoveries or queries we come up with during our week!

Our Sweet and Savory Bios:

Melissa: passionately works with the teachers and students in the Minneapolis Public Schools by day and eagerly cooks up delicious feasts (while drinking special spirits) by night! She generally enjoys cooking more then baking and eating more then anything else, for “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” (novelist, Virgina Wolf)


Anna: is a nanny and master resume submitter by day and a bakerette by night (and sometimes by day too…babies like chocolate). She’s the nutcase who made all her own desserts for her wedding. She does cook dinner for her husband, who, despite being married to a wanna-be chef, refuses to eat onions. All activities in her kitchen (even the clean-up) are always accompanied by a hefty glass o’ vino.


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