A few years ago, the lalaladies and I started a book club. When we read The Historian, our discussion nights dinner was inspired by the Eastern European cuisines of Dracula’s (one of the books main characters) most frequent whereabouts. When we read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay we made the worlds yummiest brisket, in honor of the books main characters, Jewish cousins. As we continued to read, we found our nights were more focused on cooking and eating, then the content of the book. When the next months host was asked to select a new book, the first thing that we became excited about was what dinner themed potentials the book possessed. After another year or so of feeling guilty for not completing our readings, we decided book club was dead and cooking club was born! Welcome to Swish & Dish!

Here’s how it works: there are five of us lalaladies and thus five different hosts and five different perspectives on our food adventures (give or take a guest appearance or two – Katherine, this means you!). Before each cooking escapade, the host draws a theme from our magic pot or spins the globe on one of our magic iPhones, to determine our next cooking challenge. After the successes and trials of the special theme or locations food-y creations, each host will write up the Swish & Dish! As our club can’t meet weekly, to keep you entertained dear reader, we will also feature mini-Swish & Dish’s about any other delicious discoveries or queries we come up with during our weeks!

Please feel free to Throw Your Fork In! and leave us a general comment, a recipe improvement, or next clubs cooking challenge!

C H E E R S ! ! Melissa